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Our Program : “Lean & Six Sigma”

Implementation of Product and Process Improvements & Sustainable by training of the Teams

  • Driving Six Sigma Black Belt improvement projects together with teams of the company.
  • Providing practical and direct usable Six Sigma Green Belt trainings and supporting the teams in their improvement projects.
  • Help with implementing the Lean principles in the company , based on the Toyota Production System (TPS). Are addressed: Elimination of waste, Visual Factory, Standardized Work, Kaizen, Error Proofing, Kanban, Andon, Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Workplace organization 5S, Videoing, QCDISME boards, more ...
  • Providing introductions for the senior management about the use of Lean and Six Sigma
  • Providing practical training in Failures And Effect Analysis (FMEA):
  • Identification of all potential sources of variations or defects and their potential effects on customers.
  • Calculate the risk priority number (RPN) and determine the corrective actions.
  • Draw up control plans, maintenance plans, process maps, process instructions, 1-point lessons, ...
  • Various data analysis such as hypothesis testing, statistical experiments (DoE), other ... using the Minitab Statistical Software.
  • Capability studies (eg. CPK - calculations) of product and process functions.
  • Analysis of measurement systems (MSA) in precision and accuracy.
  • Development and implementation of Quality Process Instructions (Operator Instruction Sheets, Work Elements,..).
  • Development and implementation of Quality Process Systems (Definitions of Specifications Development of Process Controls , Detection and Prevention incl.Statistical Process Control (SPC) ,Short Interval Control (SIC), Quality Feedback, Reaction plans, others…)


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Do you need help on another matter ?

We can probably provide help in other quality or process related matters on request. Simply send a email or call our agency to make an appointment.

Practical and sustainable

The training starts preferably from existing problems or improvement opportunities within the company. Team members will be trained to continue with the use of the improvement tools.

Customized and directly usable

Training will be tailor made : to the specific needs of the company, priority is given to what is directly usable.

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